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HCDA Engineering exists to solve the critical issues in building construction. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to ensure that your project is a success from the very beginning.



Finding the best solutions

We work with you from project inception to ensure that important structural decisions are made early to improve building design, reduce construction costs, and bring projects to life. Our team of engineers works with every building typology and scale of project bringing a wide breadth of knowledge and experience to your project.


Expert Guidance

Let's face it, some things go wrong. With our experience, the staff at HCDA has the capabilities and expertise to find out how to make them right. We combine our insights and knowledge of structural systems and building construction to help owners, architects and contractors find out what went wrong, and how it can be fixed.



Getting Things Built

Sometimes there's more to the puzzle than its final form.  HCDA is here to provide additional services to contractors to get your buildings erected safely.  We provide solutions for temporary shoring and bracing, sequencing analysis, and special inspections.  Every job has its challenges. Let us help to make sure all the pieces fall into place.

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